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Welcome to our car detailing service!

 We are here to give your vehicle the ultimate care and make it look amazing. Our skilled team uses the latest techniques and high-quality products to clean and restore your car inside and out. Additionally, we go the extra mile to exceed your expectations, from thorough exterior cleaning and fixing paint issues to detailed interior cleaning. Not only do we enhance and protect your investment, but we are also committed to delivering outstanding results and customer satisfaction. Moreover, you can experience the difference with our car detailing service and give your vehicle the pampering it deserves. In conclusion, trust us to provide exceptional care for your car.

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Andrei Ursache

Andrei Ursache



 I started the Custom Detailing journey in 2017, evidently with a dream that went far beyond my expectations. At first was an idea of having a more flexible approach and offer personalised services in a professional yet friendly manner. However I am constantly learning new techniques and methods to achieve top results for our customers beloved rides.

   In this industry, I can say experience is the key in delivering a more than satisfactory service. We always believed that hard work always pays off, and here at Custom Detailing we made a habit out of tailing perfection.

We don’t see what a car is, but what it can be!

“Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life”

Mihaela Ursache

Mihaela Ursache



In the first place I was seeking to become a more practical person in the hope that I’ll rediscover my passion for cars in such a professional environment.

I love creating value for people. And here at Custom Detailing we’re considering life is a beautiful ride which requires our much needed love and attention. To make it a clean, shiny and lovely piece and of course we’re taking pride with it and enjoy it together!

In other words, a detailer is a person of great aspirations which takes work seriously. Detailing is a lifestyle, which very few people have the ambition in pursuing it.

“Do as you would be done by”

Patrick Healey

Patrick Healey



Hello, my name is Patrick Healey and I am the sales manager at Custom Detailing Rochford.

My role within this company has been slowly formulated. It`s been the course of 15 year’s within the valeting and detailing industry. Starting at the very bottom from school, leave age I have slowly climbed up the ranks. Learning new skills every day to become the detailer / sales manager of Custom Detailing.

I love my work and as a result, I take it very seriously indeed. Approaching every project with a high level of attention to detail. Applying my experience and knowledge to deliver an unparalleled service every time.

“Oportunity will not knock untill you`ll build a door”