What is Engine Carbon Cleaning?

Carbon cleaning is an effective way of removing carbon deposits in the internals of an engine, turbo, EGR and DPF systems. The Carbon Kings machine uses a specially formulated Koh mix that is designed to create the most purest hydrogen possible.

Why Is Hydrogen So Effective?

Hydrogen is highly flammable, much more than petrol and diesel, so when your engine ignites the hydrogen, the explosion ignites the fuel with much better results.

It is cleaner, produces less waste and fewer emissions. The hydrogen burns at a higher rate than fuel. When driving at high speeds on a motorway, your engine will reach very high temperatures. What we have created is a way to simulate motorway speeds but while the car at idle on your driveway. Because the hydrogen is burning faster along with fuel the engine will reach optimal temperature at idle. While this cycle is in process, the hydrogen is stripping the carbon from the walls of the engine and parts. This is a very safe way and will not over heat the engine or damage anything along the way.

The hydrogen´s higher temperature burn rate and that explosive force splits and cleans the carbon atom (soot) that collects in the engine. With a cleaner engine you get better mileage, quieter engine, better fuel economy, better response,  and to recover lost BHP over the years!

More Responsive

Lower Emissions

Potential Fuel Savings

Smoother Performance

Restored Power

Enhanced Driving Experience

Less Vibrations

Restored Torque

A carbon clean is a preventative service and whilst we recommend a carbon clean alongside your annual service, we also recommend for it to be completed when and where possible. The build-up of carbon is the result of a lot of engine and turbo failures. This is the main cause of breakdowns. If you take care of your car it takes care of you!


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