New car detail

*updated 2024

“ It’s brand new! Does it need polishing!? ”

You are probably thinking:

   “Why would I need a detailer services after I just bought it?”

“If the car is brand new, what services would you recommend me?”

  ” The car is looking mint, it’s at its best and I think it cannot be any better!”


Every car has its own story to tell and touch wood, there’s rarely the case of a flawless, spotless and perfect one. We’ve seen and heard many, from smart panel rust repairs from Audi, to paintwork sanding marks from Ferrari and incredible tough and poor paintwork preparation on Range Rovers and list goes on…

   Doesn’t matter how much you paid or what warranty you have chosen, the secret is in the detail, always been in the detail and with a heavy heart to the times we’re living in, there’s rarely the case where the client expectations are met within the most sophisticated standards. Even if it’s a daily car or a weekend car, a sport or a classic, a show car or just your favourite vehicle, I think everybody should have the right to know the whole uncut story of it.

   The misconception of overlooking a car’s treatment merely because it just got out of dealership and it has 0 miles on the clock it’s totally wrong. You have to acknowledge and be aware that your vehicle already got imperfections from storage, transportation, with possible damage involved in the process.

Imagine that most of the cars come in dealerships loaded onto trailers, that’s been out in the unpredictable weather for several days and it already has it’s first fine scratches, metallic fallout and other imperfections that are just very difficult to control.

  But there can be the scenario where you were given a protection package with a “X years warranty” under the contract and you wouldn’t have to worry anymore because you already paid an add-on, right? Well, it’s not always the case – mainly because all big dealerships try to cut the costs as much as possible, offering poor value for money (packages such as Supaguard, LifeShine, DiamondBrite and Guard X).

These products are often applied incorrectly and over poorly prepared paint finishes as the in-house valet team are given strict timescales with minimal training on how to correctly prepare and protect your newly purchased pride and joy.

   Our New Car Detail typically takes roughly 1-2 days and comprises some of the industries finest tools, chemicals and coatings, protecting your investment for 12/24/60 months, giving paintwork unrivalled UV resistance, dirt repellency, easy clean and swirl resistance, thanks to the state of the art Nano Quartz Coatings. With our New Car Detail service, alloy wheels are removed to be coated inside and out, exterior glass sealed with a durable water repellent, interior upholstery treated and dressed with fabric protection and leather seats receiving a water-based dirt & dye transfer barrier.

All in, the best start in life for your new “family member”.

   It is advised to ask the supplying Dealership NOT to touch the car prior to collection. NO wash. NO polish. NO protection.

   This way, we reduce the need for costly paint correction services where fine scratches and swirls from bad contact, could have easily been induced in the preparation stages.

New car detail

Duration: 1 – 2 days

  • Fine Scratching Repair 100% 100%
  • Machine Buffertrails 100% 100%
  • Swirl Marks Repair 100% 100%
  • Gloss Enhancement 100% 100%
  • Water Spots Removal 100% 100%

* Applied on cars, no older than 6 months

  • Alloy wheels deep cleaned
  • Wheel arches cleaned
  • Snow foam Pre-Wash
  • Door shuts degreased and cleaned
  • Bodywork Decontamination…
  • Alloy Wheels / Bodywork treated with *Gyeon  Iron & Gyeon Tar
  • Bodywork CLAY BAR / MITT treatment
  • Car detailed BLOW DRIED using *Master Blaster with filtered hot air.
  • 1 STAGE of CUTTING with 3 & 5 inch RUPES DUAL ACTION MACHINE POLISH to remove light defects and swirl marks.
  • 1 STAGE of REFINING polishing
  • CERAMIC coating applied.
  • Exterior windows & mirrors cleaned
  • Exterior plastics gel coated
  • Tire dressing

Gyeon Can Coat Pro Evo ceramic coating:

Chemical resistance

Hydrophobic effect


Beading even if the car is not often cleaned

Colour enhancing / darkening effect

Super slick and smooth

Please note !

All paint surfaces react differently to different polishes and compounds. This list is a general guideline of what to expect from our services. all cars are appraised on an individual basis to determine the outcome of these services. Thank you!


1. Ceramic Coating Wheels: Gyeon Q² Rims: 24 months/ 20.000 miles

Price: £200

2. Ceramic Coating Glass: Gyeon Q² View: 12 months/ 15.000 miles

Price: £100

3. Ceramic Coating Leather: Gyeon Q² Leather Shield: 12 months

Price: £100

4. Ceramic Coating Plastic& Trims: GYEON Q² Trim: 12 months 

Price: £100


Small Car: £400

Medium Car: £450

Large Car: £500

For MORE Ceramic Coating protection prices please click on the link below…