What is PPF?

Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Applied to your car works as an invisible shield against chemical damage, scratches and swirls caused by road debris, stone chips, bug splatters and other environmental contaminants.

Why Gyeon PPF?

Custom Detailing was created for the need to insure our clients receive the upmost quality in all areas and that now includes PPF.

Gyeon PPF is the only brand that comes with an INFINITE WARRANTY and a 2 years ceramic coating built in, high level of self-healing and self-cleaning properties matched with outstanding hydrophobicity and a high resistance against UV rays and yellowing.

Types of Gyeon PPF

PPF Protect+

Is a thick and hydrophobic paint protection film designed to resist UV, chemical and mechanical damage with great gloss and great self-healing ability

Enhance serves as a shield against chemical and mechanical damage with no visual compromise, and sets a new standard in the PPF industry for clarity and depth. Feels very slick, and has excellent hydrophobic and self-healing properties

Matte is a non-glossy paint protection film for matte and satin finishes, and is highly resistant to chemicals, UV rays and yellowing. It has extreme hydrophobic properties and fully preserves the OEM look of matte and satin paint finishes. Plus, it can also be used to turn glossy finishes matte.

Black is a high gloss, deep black paint protection film that delivers an outstanding piano black finish with minimal visible structure. It shares many of the characteristics and properties of enhance, and provides a strong styling effect along with a high level of protection

Tint is a darkening film for light clusters, and offers a 25% tint with all of the usual protective benefits of modern paint protection film. It has excellent hydrophobic and self-healing properties, and provides a subtle styling effect along with a high level of protection

Standard Coverage
Does cover full front bumper, wing edges, leading bonnet edge & wing mirrors.

Prices from:


Full Front End
Does cover Full front bumper, Full Wings, Full Bonnet, Wing Mirrors & Head Lights

Prices from:


Front End & High Impact Areas
Does cover Full front bumper, Full wings, Full bonnet, Full headlights, mirrors, rockers, A pillars & leading edge of rear bumper sections (not complete bumper). Please note that some vehicles may require more cover.

Prices from:


Full Coverage
Full vehicle coverage for peace of mind pleasure. Coverage subject to designs.

Prices from:


Single Panel Application
Any panel of your choice

Prices from:



Our Infinite Warranty is the first PPF warranty that gives your customer the freedom to choose how long their warranty lasts for. If they choose DIY maintenance it will last for 7 years, but if they choose professional maintenance then it will last for as long as they own their car. Regardless of which maintenance option your customer chooses, clear and honest maintenance rules apply.
Gyeon warrants that all of its ppf films will remain free of material defects (yellowing, bubbling and cracking) for the duration of the defined warranty periods, and that they will not lose their repellency or gloss for at least 2 years.

Training and Certificates

Our installer has been trained and assessed by Wrap Guard becoming a Gyeon PPF certified Installer. We benefit from 24/7 support – sharing their expertise on edition kits, or even creating new kits for recent car models because we know how important accuracy and precision is, when it comes to vehicle protection. Using their 64″ Graphtec plotter in the state of the art editing & production room we can also edit, cut and print patterns on demand. We like to think we’re prepared for every challenge and we relish the chance to work on complex and custom vehicles.