Detailing Training Course

Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating

Duration: 2 days

***23rd – 24th February 2024***

Professional Car Detailing Training 

Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating

Day 1

9:00am – Preparing the car for wash and explaining the products we use. Pre cleaning the arches & wheels. Decontamination wheels and deep clean.
9:45am – Pre rinsing the entire car, snow foam, intricate details, chemical decontamination, mechanical decontamination & contact wash. Showing drying methods to dry the car as best as possible. Towels, blow dryers etc.
10:45am – Break time. Coffee and questions.
11:15am – Getting out all of the machine polishers and talking about what each individual polisher does. Talking about when and why you would use a specific polisher.
12:00pm – The real fun begins! Machine polishing. Showing the method for one stage of machine polishing and paint enhancements (one stage correction). Showing what polish and pad combo works and talking about how different paint types will react to them.
1.00pm – Break time. Coffee, sandwiches, snacks and questions.
1:30pm – Practical machine use. We hand you the polishers to use and get used to. Our team will guide you through your process of polishing and giving you all of the tips and information, you need.
4:30pm – We take 30 mins of your questions and you can ask the team anything and everything detailing related. We will share all of the information we have from our combined experience in the game of 30 years. This will give you a huge amount of opportunity to learn and provide you with the knowledge you need to complete these kinds of jobs for your own car or your customers cars.
5:00pm – End of day. Exchange contact details with each other, set up a WhatsApp group so that we can all communicate with each other and help support each other moving forward.

Day 2

9:00am – Preparing the paint for ceramic coating. Removing waxes silicones and oils.
10:00am – Application of the ceramic coating. Showing different reactions in different scenarios to help you understand the coating more.
12:00pm – Break time. Coffees, sandwiches and snacks provided.
1:00pm – We test the ceramic coating, water beading, dirt tests, scratching tests and durability testing.
2:00pm – Onwards we strip one panel back, have everyone put to test what they have learned. We will take questions on the entire process from beginning to end. Questions on how to build a professional detailing studio. Business strategy, social media and dealing with trolls online.
5:00pm – We bring the training to a close. Say our goodbyes and make sure we all have each other’s contact details.
And few important notes:
During the entirety of the course we at Custom Detailing will be the sole video content creators. No video by attendees is permitted. If you are seen taking videos we will ask you to leave with no refund.
Photography is permitted. You can take as many photos as you like and of course notes of what we are speaking about. We will be walking around taking professional photography and videos for everyone. Once the content is complete we will send it out to you so you can use it to promote your business if you wish.
The payment is required to book £499 due at the time of booking and it is a non refundable payment.
A minimum of 4 people are required for this course. If we do not hit that amount we will release new dates at a slightly later time to allow the booking to fill up to at least 4.
A maximum of 6 people are welcome to book onto this course.
The dates of the 2 days training are 23rd and 24th of February.
As a result, you will receive a “Certificate Of Completion” acknowledging your attendance of the detailing course.
You will receive a full detailed invoice for your payment.
Thanks very much guys, we hope to see you there!
Team at Custom Detailing & Master Detailing Essex